You have heard the comment that our greatest investment in life is our home. Well, actually our LIFE should be our greatest investment. Yes, I know that you believe that too, and you have come to the right place as we hope to discuss some ways to make it even a greater investment.

We want to share with you, but also gain your knowledge and wisdom for some of the most important issues of living life- real life with balance.

LIFE CHATS ABOUT- LIFE THINGS – It is about our Lifestyle, a little bit of Personal Growth, a small amount of Life Coaching, some Self- Improvement, Self- Development, and a lot of encouragement to make life just a tad better. We talk about real life issues, relationships, motivation, goals, money, saving money, faith, happiness and how to live a more balanced life. 

Not all, but most people, are who we are because of how we grew up, and have lived our life so far. We not have ventured far away from our beliefs of years ago. That is okay, if that is where you want to be. 

So, we are not here to infringe upon your ideals or beliefs, and tell you that you are living wrong. However, we will try to always be consistent with truth as we see it, and our research. Give ideas, and ideals that can help us live better. It will be what matters most in life.  Occasionally, most people need to be reminded of what truly matter most in life….me, you, they, them, and us, everybody. 

We can learn from each other, and that is power for simply just knowing that our way, is not the only way.

Some Highlights:

There are so many things to chat about in Real Life Thing.

We know that riches do not give a person a good name, a good character, or peaceful living. Yes, you can buy “things,” that are tangible, but those things of importance, happiness, peacefulness, and love cannot be bought, and are intangible.

The intangible part of life are things we learn with time, work for with patience, and treasure as they are free for the taking when we live a life that is based on truth, courage, simplicity, careful living, and love.

So many feel it is important to live like the rest of the people on the block. Show off their “things,” their material touchable assets and think, “I have what you have.” Those thought we believe here are thoughts of greed, insecurity, a need to be thought of as “above or as equal” as the next.

A Life Well Lived

A life well lived has nothing to do with things. It is the little things like a walk in the park, when a few people gather to enjoy the music of people with God given talents. A man playing the piano, children having fun with a camera. Someone holding a bunch of balloons while giving cheer to anyone passing by.

Yes, there are time when life is quiet. You visit someone who is hurting, someone you love and someone you appreciate. You take a walk in the country to see the beautiful flowers which will help you see the magic and bliss of powers that some people deny. Do not deny if you are uncertain or just because another does. Know before you make that decision.

A life well lived and one that matter is not about how much money you may have. Sure, it will help one’s progress in life more, unless of course you are a person who believes that we are ALL Equal, as we do here. We may not have the as much, however we have opportunity. 

You must make your dreams come true, not all successful individuals have a money machine they can go to at the drop of a hat.  It is up to the individual to carve out a life that is meaningful, and one that can generate security for a peaceful, contented, and prosperous life.

There has never been a time on earth that people need to get back to realizing that we are all made from the same dust of the earth, and to it, we will eventually go again.

No one has all of the answers, however, we do have guides. We are born with a inner spirit that can act as our guide when we seek to know the “spiritual,” part of our being. Psychologist (some) believe we have a spiritual self, a Soul, (Peter Shepherd: Transforming The Mind). We definitely know that our spiritual self guides us into a greater life, here at “Life Chats.”

We want you to join our conversation and share your joys of life, and how you have learned what matters most..

Hope to see you here often!


Life Chats