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A Good Life’s Design

What is a Good Life’s Design, does anyone really know for sure? We each have our own thoughts, prescription, and premonitions of what a Good Life’s Design is. We are adamant about what makes us happy, and what makes us good, and what is best for us. Listed here are some of our studied rules for A Good Life’s Design.

Some of Our Thoughts About a Good Life’s Design

It is a good thing to check our positive character traits, and character flaws periodically. Our character traits are all of the aspects of a person’s behavior and attitudes that make up a person’s personality. Be that human’s try, but very often due to life things, we slip up every now and then and forget. My guess is that you too sometimes have to do a reset, look yourself in the mirror, point your finger, and say okay enough is enough, get back to the real and good stuff.

We know that some people are just even keel all the time. They hardly lose their vision or deter from their norm. It is easy for these people who have their emotions intact, on track and know exactly what will take them to next level of awareness and success. They know without a doubt where to keep their focus. Yet for the rest, we sometimes have to pinch ourselves, stop dreaming the unrealistic or the fruitless, and get some quality thoughts, back to real life.

Things That We Learn about a Good Life’s Design

Life becomes a little too sensitive about things that are inevitable. Once we see, the wrinkles, dark spots, and the little red spots gather on the skin, we realize that life is changing, and it will never be the same. We become the imperfect person just like everyone else, and it will finally come to all. How we behave as human being, our character and traits, and how we live our life is far more important than the wrinkles that appear as we age.

We have learned by now that beauty is as beauty does, and is totally in the eye of the beholder. We know the heart is where everyone can see the true beauty that shines forth when we are sincere and genuine.

There are times we forget and facts do not matter as much as the wonderful emotions that bring excitement. Our character can be damaged by what is very nonconforming to our true self. Again, we lose reality and without control, this can lead in the wrong direction. We learn to weed through those little moments that can bring regrets which turn out to be nothing but fly by the moment interference.

Sometimes desires and wants, rather than needs deter our best behaviors that makes us who we are. A new dress, a new car, a new house with expensive furniture so we can stand in with the crowd becomes an obsession. Want is a big word and often totally overused.

Life moves on and truths set in, and most learn that life priorities must be set and lived by, to live a productive, satisfying life. This time in life brings with it, conscious, judgement, thought out actions, and plans, and a desire for accountability for our actions. We learn that decisions and actions matter in everything that we do. Our true character must be a priority.

The things that matter most in life we know are definitely not those things, which always bring us that good feeling. Yes, joy, peace, and belonging are important and are basic human needs. However, we learn that we must decorate our life with the positive outcomes that result from a life of clarity and balance.

Positive results come with learning that true satisfaction is keeping our priorities intact, focused, and in the right order. In other words, if you are not aware that your actions toward other people reflect what kind of person you are, then you are in need of some positive personal development.

So what are important priorities?

  • Authenticity – Are you authentic, real, honest, and sincere?
  • Emotional Intelligence – without this your life will be lacking- Read Here.
  • Empathy- Do you care about other humans?
  • Character – Is your personality, nature, disposition, and temperament a leading focus of respect?
  • Stability – Are you steady in your beliefs, actions, re-actions, and living, or do you waiver?
  • Courageous – Are you courageous or limited in your ability to take actions about your life?
  • Patient – You go with the flow and remember that patience is virtue.
  • Kindness – You have kindness and remember that everyone has bad days, including you.
  • Gratitude – taking time in your life to be thankful for what you have instead of always wanting something more. Something more does not bring true happiness.
  • Faith – You must have faith in something. Whether you realize it or not, your life is living in faith. When you leave home in the morning, you have faith that you will return about 8 to 9 hours later. Of course, some have a faith that there is Devine guidance in a Creator who protects, and loves us.


Character Flaws that can occur without having the above priorities.

  • Entitlement – do you believe that you honestly deserve everything you want?
  • Enviousness, covetous – do you find yourself questioning why other people have gained more money, success, and happiness than you have.
  • Character that is unreliable – you are not consistent, hard to trust, and not someone people confide in.
  • Critical – You are not happy with your actions or accomplishments therefore you criticize others.
  • Greed- This is easy to recognize in anyone’s life and it shows with selfishness, and always wanting to be first.
  • Arrogance – This is the inability to accept the flaws within, believing that you are above others, a little better than the rest.
  • Negative Attitude- you are negative about most things and constantly have something negative to say regardless of the expected outcome of something.

How do we conquer the good over the bad? Simply look at the list above. Put yourself in each position, and determine which makes a person’s life influential, happy, constructive, and successful.

We are positive that you have a Good Life’s Design, however it never hurts us to brush up on how to live a more genuine life, and focus on the real.

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