Feeling Peaceful In The Midst Of The Storm

When I look at God’s beauty, I simply melt with an exuberant feeling of peace, and joy. There is nothing more beautiful than a field of beautiful flower ( a beautiful lake surrounded by hills and trees, or two innocent little children playing in a field of wild flowers. At those moments, I am resting in the presence of God, and His Majesty and wonders. At that moment, I have just enough light for the step I am on. This is when we have peace and energy to keep on walking our path in the mist of the storm.

When I see these beautiful images of God’s making, I question my own soul’s ability to see all living moments in the fullness of His beauty. Am I lacking something I need to give me a more peaceful feeling within my storms of life without having to physically see the fields of flowers, oceans, and pretty things that God has made? Knowing that storms do not last forever, and that it will pass and the light will be brighter with time.

We do know of course, that sight gives us the instant gratification, and feeling of peacefulness and pleasure. However, I think that I sometimes lack the sufficiency of just knowing that His promises are present at all moments in time. Our thoughts should bring to focus those feeling, the peace, rest, and safety of knowing that He is beside us wherever we are.

We must remember that life is what it is; not every day is going to be sunshine and roses. There are trials, troubles, derision, differences, and regrets that we must overcome and somehow find a sense of peace and joy. We should always be able to close our eyes, feel His presence, and find that sense of peace just knowing that we have the promises of The Word. God’s word that will stand, until the end of time.

Paul has stated in Philippians 4:11

“Not that I speak in want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith be content.”

That verse does a good job of helping me to see that I am not as content within my life storms, or spiritual fullness when things are rough.  I should be, and I need to work on my soul’s ability to draw upon the promises for those times of doubt. We must be honest with ourselves or at least be in the process of changing what is lacking so that we can help others to see that no storm is too big for Jesus.

If we step back, just a little in the same scripture, in Philippians 4- 8:  We are told how to be content, how to be peaceful, live without fear, and never question if we are going to make it through the storm. Storms can last awhile, they can rough things up, cause us to fear, lose sight of our promises. We are admonished what to dwell on, what to think on, and clearly whatever is of good reports, instead of the storm that is in front of us. This is not always an easy task, takes a lot of prayer, reading of the word, and believing what we read.

It does not matter what is in front of us at this very moment. We can make our heart merry by looking at what is good, just, true, lovely and remind ourselves that Jesus died on the cross to take care of all the chaos, and control all of the storms. In His own time, and His own way, as he reminds us Isaiah 59:7

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.”

The reassurance comes in this scripture:  Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the thought that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

We often try to take our life outside of the moment into something further which is in deep waters that we are not fully capable of wading. The above scripture is exactly what we need now. If you cannot see the light on the step you are on, it is unlikely to see much further. One-step, one moment, one peaceful thought, and one scripture can help us to make a difference in living more peacefully when the storms are raging high.

Storms come and go, God’s love and peace is always there.


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4 thoughts on “Feeling Peaceful In The Midst Of The Storm

  1. “If you cannot see the light on the step you are on, it is unlikely to see much further.” I’m learning more and more to rest on the Lord just one moment at a time. Now is when he is most present! Thanks for sharing these encouraging words, Linda.

    1. Lisa, You are so correct in saying that we cannot see further if we do not see exactly where we are at the moment. Thank you for stopping here to comment. It means a lot to me.

  2. God has always comforted me through His creation in times of trails and darkness. But ultimately it is Jesus Who brings me peace when things are far from peaceful. Blessings on your Easter, Linda!

    1. Thank you June. I have a sister who’s name is June, and her birthday is June 1st. You comments are truly a blessing and I appreciate your thoughts. Jesus is the reason for all seasons, isn’t He. Thank you again.

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