Let’s talk about real life things that matter!

Hello everyone, I am Linda Todd, and Life Chats began as a place for people to visit and give their views, opinions, and known secrets to “real life.”  We decided to put up this Chat Page so that all of our friends can chat about anything that is suitable for all audiences, and that which can make our life better.

Who am I? I am a person who believes that being genuine, no pretense, just me, myself and I, is the key to living well. Meaning, I cannot copy another soul. I am just a woman from the South, who married a man from Chicago and we have lived here, there, and several places in between. I simply believe in authenticity, and that this characteristic is a great asset to any life. I am a person who has fallen down, however, I usually get back up and keep going toward my goals.

I am someone who has experienced real life in the corporate world by being in management, however, I also learned what it means to be a good employee. I shifted my life from a small town girl to working in financing (mortgage lending) in the city. I worked for Freddie Mac in Atlanta which gave my career a boost. After that I became an auditor, moved back to Memphis, and worked for various mortgage companies. I traveled from one side of this country (NY to San Diego, and many states in between), to the other at one point,and then became a mortgage underwriter, then SVP of Operations.

I had some great teachers in the thirty years and managed many different personalities. I learned the difference in being a leader, rather than a manager. My experience with people taught me a lot about living the way you believe, regardless of what you are being subjected to.

I have been writing online since 2009, love personal development, motivation, seeking new knowledge and hopefully inspiring someone else to live their life fully without pretense, but with hope, sanity, and with balance. I have studied Life Coaching and other important subjects for inspiring other people. I have learned what being true to yourself really means, that humans will be humans, and that all people have the same basic needs.

“You realize that life is short when you reach older age and begin to look back and wonder where the years went. How you got to where you are, and why you did not slow down to smell the roses. You start to question the whys, the ifs, and realize you were living unconsciously, traveling full speed without thinking that maybe your life could change at any moment. You just accepted it as it was. You wonder “what could have been,” if you had paid attention to each moment, each day, and been more aware. You regret being unfair to yourself, and waiting for someone to tell you, your life was just fine.”

“Do not take your life for granted.” You are not going to live forever, work forever, or have your family with you forever. Take the time to breath, the time to cherish, the time to be true to yourself, and those you love.

“Remember that, every person you meet has something important to teach you. Listen up, down the road somewhere you may remember it when you need it the most.”

We started this blog way back and kind of drifted away into other projects, but now we are feeling the important need for some life chats as this is what helps us to sort out the Life Things that are unsteady. The world and life is ever evolving, and at this time in our universe, there is so much to chat about. Let’s see where this takes us, and hopefully we will all learn something essential to life.

We invite you to join in, tell us your thoughts and how you deal with “Life Things,”

Linda and Life Chats